Accreditation as a trainer is the highest standard that the EMDR Europe Association can award and is only granted to the most experienced and skilled clinicians with proven ability to teach.

Trainers are trained in each country and evaluated by international committees, the only ones recognized by the EMDR Institute and EMDR Europe to deliver accredited training in EMDR therapy.

All accredited trainers must meet, as a minimum, the accreditation requirements listed below. In order to make sure that standards are maintained all trainers must also regularly submit themselves for reaccreditation.

EMDR Europe Accredited Trainers

Trainer re-accreditation criteria


Trainer accreditation criteria


Continuing Personal
and Credit Process

EMDR Europe Trainers, Consultants and Practitioners with recognised expertise, will be entitled to apply for EMDR Europe credits for their presentations and EMDR-related work with members (National Associations to organise).

  • CPD credits are awarded at the discretion of the national association and each national association is required to have in place a robust system for awarding credits.
  • Credits may be withdrawn if the awardee’s work is unsatisfactory.
  • The EMDR Europe conference will be awarded 16 credits.
  • Presentation that are on a pan-European or worldwide level, will be awarded credits by EMDR Europe