EMDR Global Alliance

The EMDR Global Alliance grew out of a need for the regional associations of EMDRIA, Europe, Asia, Iberoamerica and some of the developing associations to be able to discuss matters that impact the entire EMDR community, as well as develop guidelines and regulations. 

The role of the EMDR Global Alliance (EGA) is to operate as an advisory body and acts as assistants in the development of emerging EMDR Associations. The EGA develops operational guidelines stemming from a shared vision and mission. 

The EGA endeavors in working towards increased standardization of training requirements, as well as evaluation of best training practices. The EGA provides support for one another and for developing EMDR associations.
Additional goals are promoting and facilitating the growth of EMDR therapy worldwide, increasing access to EMDR therapy worldwide, as well as the number of stakeholders in the growth and utilization of EMDR.
The Global Alliance is pursuing its efforts in supporting the work and growth of Middle Eastern, North African and African countries.

EMDR International Association

EMDR Research Foundation

Mission statement

To promote and facilitate EMDR therapy worldwide, its growth and dissemination, as well as rules and regulations, to increase access to EMDR therapy (training and services), stakeholders, potential clients and governmental agencies. Increase standardization and training requirements, so that standards are consistent throughout the world. Provide support for developing regions and provide a forum of discussion for regional and interregional issues.