Commendation Award to the President of EMDR Europe

President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, issued a special Commendation Award to the President of EMDR Europe and other 32 Italian citizens. This is the highest ranking honour of the Republic, in recognition to those who distinguish themselves with the performance of acts of bravery and heroism in excess of normal demands, by the pursuit of meritorious achievement in international cooperation, protection of minors, meritorious social solidarity, as well as of promoting culture and ensuring legality. President Mattarella identified, amongst many examples within the civil society and institutions, those individuals who work to make a difference in the civic life of the community and the country, embodying the core values of the Italian Republic. Isabel Fernandez has been nominated Knight Commander of the Order of Merit of the  Italian Republic (an order of chivalry) “as President of EMDR Italy and Europe, for providing psychological support through the volunteer work of professionals members of the Associations, to the victims and  populations exposed to traumatic events.” This is an award that goes also to all our members… It is thanks to them that EMDR Europe has been giving support to people exposed to trauma.Commendatore