EMDR Resources in the Era of Covid-19: useful tools and information for clinicians during the Covid-19 pandemic

EMDR Resources in the Era of Covid-19, edited by Marilyn Luber, is a compendium of EMDR protocols, resources and procedures that has just been published to support and enrich the EMDR community during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Many of the resources created and disseminated by EMDR Europe have been included in this volume.

EMDR Resources in the Era of COVID-19 is meant for you to use and share with other colleagues since it has been created in order to reach all EMDR clinicians and allow them to access the information and tools that can be useful for their clinical practice in this Pandemic.
The only request is that you acknowledge this work with an appropriate citation. If you are going to use it in a presentation, write to the author noted in the copyright notice at the end of the chapter to advise him/her/them.
If the link does not download, please cut and past it into your browser. If possible, open this eBook through Acrobat Reader for the best viewing experience.