LIFELONG LEARNING PLATFORM – European Civil Society for Education

LLLP is an umbrella organization that gathers more than 40 European organisations active in the field of education, training and youth, coming from all over Europe and beyond. It cooperates especially with the European Commission and the Council of Europe as an advisor on different topics.

EMDR Europe became associate member in June 2019. Since then, we became members of a working group created by LLLP on Wider Benefits of Learning. One of the issues that emerged from the discussion was the high level of stress affecting teachers and children that are involved in distance learning during Covid-9 emergency. For this reason, we shared with the LLLP community a document (Covid-19: an educational emergency) with information to help teachers and children cope with the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on school life.

LLLP is cooperating with the EU Alliance for Investing in Children and has involved EMDR Europe in providing expert opinion on mental health and education.

The European Commission launched a new Communication on Achieving the European Education Area. The vision: bringing down barriers to learning by 2025. LLLP asked for our recommendations concerning the European Education Area.

During the LLLP Week 2020, Valentina Martini presented on training and psychoeducation with healthcare workers in the Lifelong Learning Interest Group (1 Dec 2020).

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