Francine’s last message to the European EMDR community

Francine shapiro

Dear colleagues,

I am saddened that I am unable to join you in celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the EMDR Europe Association. Your steadfast commitment to the alleviation of human suffering has resulted in an unparalleled union of 31 countries upholding the highest standards of clinical practice. The ongoing humanitarian programs are a wonderful reflection of your dedication to ensuring that no one is left behind.

Research has shown that EMDR therapy can eliminate the negative bias stemming from PTSD that can interfere with mediation.  This has important implications for reconciliation and world peace.  Research has also demonstrated that EMDR can eliminate phantom limb pain.  The fact that there are no other comparable treatments means that millions of people are needlessly suffering worldwide.  It also has important implications for other physical dysfunctions. For the betterment of humankind, we have an ethical responsibility to more fully explore all of the myriad EMDR therapy outcomes by means of controlled research.  I know you resonate with these goals since much of EMDR research has been done by your members and with your support.

Your organization embodies the very best our profession has to offer and I hope you are gratified by the knowledge of all those you have helped.  The results of your actions will continue to manifest themselves through countless generations.
I applaud you

With warmest wishes,

Francine Shapiro