News on EMDR interventions in Europe

We would like to share with you some information regarding the amazing work that was carried out by EMDR therapists from Czech Republic and Germany in the aftermath of 2 terrible disasters:

– On June 24th, Czech Republic was hit by a tornado that destroyed 2,000 households, affecting 10,000 people. A team of EMDR therapists was included into the integrated rescue system and worked for 8 days offering psychological assistance to the population. Here you can find a letter from Zuzana Cepelíková, President of EMDR Czech Republic Association, describing the intervention more in detail: Tornado in Czech Republic

– In the last few weeks, violent floods occurred in eastern France, Switzerland, and hit severely Belgium and Germany. 36 people died in Belgium, while in Germany officials reported 180 dead, 766 injured, and 150 people still missing. German EMDR therapists of the concerned regions got together to give psychological support to the population in need. This special support was organised by: Susanne Leutner (a long-time member of the EMDR Europe Board), Daniela Lempertz and Claudia Faust. Michael Hase, also member of the EMDR Europe Board and Chair of the EMDR Europe Research Committee, offered a pro bono online training about the EMDR recent events protocol for therapist engaging in the network “Soforthilfe”, to help them in their work on the spot.

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Flyer German

We are proud of all these early psychological interventions and the efforts made in assisting the population exposed to the traumatic events.