Research Studies

In the course of EMDR psychotherapy, brain information processing systems are stimulated, as demonstrated in over 38 controlled studies dealing with the treatment of severe trauma and post traumatic stress disorders. However the mechanisms involved during the various steps of the therapy, and particularly during bilateral stimulations, are not yet clearly understood.

Moreover, the application of EMDR therapy has been extended to many psychological disorders related to stress and anxiety. The efficacy of the standard protocol as well as of the various adapted protocols has to be evaluated and demonstrated.

Clinical, as well as fundamental research programs are in progress in several European countries. The EMDR Europe Association considers this field of great importance for the development and recognition of EMDR Therapy.

Research projects who are not supported by academic institutions, nor health authorities, may welcome the contribution made by the EMDR Europe Research Ethics Committees.

Selected Research
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EMDR Europe Research Ethics Document


EMDR Early Intervention Researcher’s Toolkit

Committed to supporting research that addresses the global burden of trauma, the EMDR Research Foundation is happy to announce the availability of the EMDR Early Intervention Researcher’s Toolkit to support research that investigates the use of EMDR Early Interventions in the treatment of trauma and disaster situations.

The Toolkit is an introduction to conducting research in disaster situations, or in clinical situations such as crises clinics, emergency rooms, or rape treatment centers. It highlights disaster response research methodology, including Randomized Controlled Trials, access to many of the EMDR Early Intervention Protocols and guidelines to appropriate research measures in a readily accessible online format. It is our hope that the Toolkit will make it easier and more likely that EMDR clinicians responding to trauma and disaster situations will use a standardized approach and collect appropriate data as an integral part of their response. To access the EMDR Early Intervention Researcher’s Toolkit, go to: