A two-day online workshop on basic facilitation methods in recent traumatic events, Hungary 2021

Dear EMDR Europe Association,
We thank you for the support, which was a great help to the Association in implementing its latest Covid project. We have held several webinars recently to help our therapists work.
Our most recent action was the acquisition of the R-TEP, G-TEP protocols, which Asena Yurtsever held online for the members of the Association on February 27-28 in the form of a
two-day training. The training was considered very useful by the therapists, after the unfortunate third wave of the coronavirus in Hungary, which is causing a growing and serious crisis in the country.
We had 25 participants in the training, 2 translators and 4 facilitators.

Best regards,
Johanna Steinberg
Vice President
EMDR Hungary