EMDR Master Class, Odessa 2018

EMDR Master Class Odessa, September 2nd to 4th, 2018

From 2006 EMDR Institute Austria  organized and conducted 5 pro bono projects psychotraumatology and EMDR in Lviv (4 projects) and Odessa (1 project). They consisted of 4 days Basics of psychotraumatology, EMDR Level I, 1 practical day, 1 supervision day, 2 days on dissociative disorders, EMDR Level II with one more supervision day, 2 more supervision days in  groups and parallel with indidvidual work with the EECF (EMDR Europe competency framework). Those parts apart from EMDR  were bit by bit taken over by the trained Ukrainian colleagues.

In 2017 we decided to make a certain effort to help the participants (about 130 at that time) to proceed with their certification as EMDR Europe accredited pracitioners. This was also important for the further development of EMDR in Ukraine. We planned an intensive workshop with 2 days of focused and concentrated supervision and one additional special seminar day for the whole group on G-TEP.

The supervision was organized in groups of 9-10 to have in 4 parallel groups with 4 EMDR Europe accredited consultants (Austrian and German colleagues) who worked just for expense allowance in this workshop. In addition to that we offered about 20 places with a 5th EMDR Europe accredited consultant for individual work with phase 3-7 to give the opportunity to get their competency framework completed to as many participants as possible.

As we were so many consultants with rooms and interpreters needed in each group – we got 1000 € support from EMDR Europe. The participants had the opportunity to have 3 days of intenstive training and their individual supervision for about 100-120 Euros (depending on the time of their application).

Many thanks again to EMDR Europe to help to support the growth of EMDR in Ukraine over the years and this was an important step to go further into the direction of having people certified also to be able to form a group to go on to become consultants as soon as possible.

The Ukrainian EMDR Association, which in Odessa was represented there by 3 board members at that time: Oksana Nakonechna, Victor Kudryavtsev, Dmytro Snisar.

It was a good side effect that the participants could meet these members of the board, as in that way the association was present and visible.

All that is a good precondition to strengthen the work both nationally and also in connection to EMDR Europe. Many of the participants as an effect of this initiative went to the next EMDR Europe Conference in Krakow in June 2019.

The project was also co-sponsored by the OeAD Lviv cooperation office, an institution of the Austrian Ministry for Foreign affairs, the EMDR Institute Austria, the Martin Luther Verein Bayern and the participants in the seminars of EMDR Institute Austria who regularly are informed about the Ukrainian initiatives and also donate for this.

Eva Münker-Kramer, Organizer and trainer, February 2019