International Days of the Association EMDR Portugal, Lisbon 2019

In November 22, 2019, we concluded the International Days of the Association EMDR – Portugal. It was a memorable day, in which we also celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Association. Several communications from EMDR therapy and its AIP model were presented, as well as scientific evidence and recent studies, until Dr. Rebecca Rosemblum (EMDR HAP / USA), among others, including presentation of models in C & A. Many associates and not associates were present, and several entities were invited, such as the Order of Portuguese Psychologists, the Order of Nurses and the Order of Doctors, representatives of the Permanent Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth, the Portuguese Association for Victim Support, the Center for Trauma of the University of Coimbra and the Medical Protection and Emergency Service. A lunch on was held for the staff (Board and Organizing Committee) and some guests (senior members, supervisors and invited official entities).

On the next day, a national magazine (Visão Magazine) published a report on various therapies for depression, in which the President of the Association EMDR – Portugal also contributed, speaking in the AIP model of EMDR therapy as having also good results for depression. The Journeys were open to several health professionals in order to disseminate EMDR therapy and its scientific validity. The feedback from the participants was very positive. This was followed by a Therapists Meeting, which was well accepted by the participants only members, and then the event ended with a dinner in the restaurant of a hotel in the capital, paying each person his own, including the members of the Board. In future repeat the journeys and the meeting of Therapists, which allowed closer ties between Therapists from different parts of the country.

We are grateful for the very important contribution of EMDREA with its generous donation, which helped to balance the treasury share.

Thank you very much to the Executive Committee and President Isabel Fernandez.

Carlos Anunciação
President of the Board