Katastrofat dhe Emergjencat: EMDR in Emergency Response Training, Tirana 2019

Thank YOU Emdr Europe & Giada Maslovaric

On November 26, 2019, Albania was touched by a huge earthquake, where many people lost their homes but also their lives. For the first time in terms of emergencies, the Albanian population has found itself facing this natural disaster.
Due to a lack of organized group of emergency psychologists, EMDR Albania asked EMDR Europe for help, which responded promptly, thanks also to the active participation of psychologist and trainer Giada Maslovaric, an expert in emergencies.
On 15 December, it was organized and helda workshop in Tirana offered to Albanian psychologists, who responded numerously to the appeal: there were 90 people present. At the same time, it was also possible to organize a specific workshop for EMDR therapists regarding the Protocol of emergencies and the Group Protocol on emergencies, in which we could count on the presence of 30 psychologists.
The 2 days of intense work were very fruitful: the psychologists expressed themselves very enthusiastic and interested in the EMDR approach.

In fact, even the media presence was very active in interviewing Giada Maslovaric and the EMDR Albania president Besarta Taci for local TV.
Following the workshop, the EMDR Albania association moved around the local areas to present intervention projects, even if local social policies are not often willing to open up to new collaborations. However, what has been done is that EMDR therapists, in their clinical practice carried out on their respective territories, have been able to use the Emergency protocol. This has allowed many people to take advantage of this great help and opportunity offered by EMDR Europe: not only the psychologists of EMDR Albania and the association, but the entire population is grateful for this great help received.

We are very pleased to share some photos and a video with you that summarizes the activities of these two days.
Thanking you with all our heart for your support, we wish you a good job and … Let’s see you in Berlin!

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