Trainer accreditation

EMDR Europe Trainer and Standard Training Course Accreditation

Accreditation as an EMDR trainer is the highest standard that EMDR Europe can award.  Only training courses and trainers accredited by EMDR Europe are recognised to deliver accredited standard training in EMDR therapy within Europe.  The EMDR Europe Standards Committee has responsibility for the accreditation of trainers and their training courses.  This Committee is deeply committed to ensuring that the process of accreditation is rigorous and fair and that all applicants are treated equally.

Before beginning the application process, you must have been trained to facilitate on an EMDR Europe accredited training course, (Click on the download button to view the document “EMDR Europe Facilitator 02017”), and have successfully carried out the duties of a facilitator on at least five separate complete training courses.  You must also have been mentored as a trainee trainer by a senior EMDR Europe trainer who has agreed that you are now ready to make this application.  You will find full details of this process in the document “Trainer Accreditation Criteria” (click on download button to view).


In addition to your accreditation as a trainer, you must also have your training course accredited.  You will find full details in the document “EMDR Standard Training Certification Criteria Europe” click on download button to view.  It is not a requirement that you process both at the same time.  However, you will not receive your certification until your course has been approved so if you wish to speed up the process, it is helpful if you also send in the documents related to your training course with your application.  (If you intend to teach a previously accredited EMDR Europe training course, please read the document “Certification of EMDR training course using previously accredited training 062018” also included in the training certification download).

Please also make sure that you understand the five-year reaccreditation requirements and read both the documents “Trainer reaccreditation criteria 022019” and “Guidelines for National associations – relating to external trainers” available by clicking the relevant download buttons.

If you decide to apply, it will be your responsibility, as the applicant, to make sure that the Committee receives all the required documentation and videos, with consent from your subjects, for the Standards Committee to view.  (Download “Permission Video Rating”).

You should provide a link to your material so that it may be accessed by the Standards Committee.  The processing of your application does not begin until everything has been received and your non-returnable fee of €750 has been paid.

Once everything has arrived and has been checked, an independent Case Assessor will be appointed by the Standards Committee.  You will be informed who this is.  The link to your material will be forwarded to your Case Assessor who will review your written work and assess your recordings.  This may involve seeking further information or clarification from you.  When this process is complete, your Case Assessor will make a full report and recommendation to the Standards Committee.

Your Case Assessor can make one of three recommendations to the committee:

(a) To accept your accreditation, (b) To ask you to re-apply, (c) To reject your application.

The entire Standards Committee (minus any Committee member who might be considered to have a conflict of interest with your application, either positive or negative), will then discuss your application and the Case Assessor’s report.  They will decide which of the three recommendations to make.  If the Committee decides (b) or (c), you and your mentor will be given the reasons and advised how to proceed.  We hope that the recommendation will be to accept, but if you do not achieve this on your first application, please see this as a learning opportunity as the Committee aims to enable the development of good trainers.

If you wish to proceed with an application or require further information, please contact the Standards Committee administrator at


Richard Mitchell

Chair EMDR Europe Standards Committee

Trainer Accreditation Criteria


Trainer Re-accreditation Criteria


National Associations and External Trainers


EMDR Europe Criteria For Certification of a New Standard Training


EMDR Europe Standard Training Course Certification Criteria Europe


EMDR Europe Standard Training Course Certification Criteria - Previously Accredited Training


Permission Video Rating


Video Consent


EMDR Europe Facilitator


C&A Trainer Accreditation Criteria


EMDR Europe Standard C&A Training Course Certification Criteria




Continuing Personal
and Credit Process

EMDR Europe Trainers, Consultants and Practitioners with recognised expertise, will be entitled to apply for EMDR Europe credits for their presentations and EMDR-related work with members (National Associations to organise).

  • CPD credits are awarded at the discretion of the national association and each national association is required to have in place a robust system for awarding credits.
  • Credits may be withdrawn if the awardee’s work is unsatisfactory.
  • The EMDR Europe conference will be awarded 16 credits.
  • Presentation that are on a pan-European or worldwide level, will be awarded credits by EMDR Europe